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Cycling Training Plan

Are you a competitive cyclist? Would you like to improve your power? Then this cycling plan is just perfect for you!


Developing the strength of your quads is always beneficial and you surely know that certain forms of training on the bicycle, like hill work, can make a contribution in this respect. By adding Compex muscular stimulation to your training, you can achieve spectacular results. How? The special muscle contractions regime of the Strength programme and the large amount of work to which the muscles are subjected allow a significant increase of the quads strength. Moreover, the Active recovery programme (of the Recovery category), carried out within three hours of the most intensive training, encourages muscular recuperation and makes it possible to follow on with qualitative training under optimum conditions.

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Running Training Plan

Are you a long-distance runner? Are you currently training to run a marathon or a half-marathon? Then you know that running as many miles as possible is essential in order to improve performance in endurance events. However, the osteotendinous strain occurred by this type of intensive training is today universally recognized.

Integrating Compex electrostimulation into your training offers you an excellent alternative that can help to overcome this issue. That’s why we have prepared an example of a special Training Plan for you that will allow you to achieve greater endurance while completing the weekly mileage and limiting therefore the risk of injury!

Are you looking for a more personalized training plan or would like a plan for another discipline, please visit our on-line training planner by clicking here.

To download the plan in the PDF form, click here.

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