Fight muscular pains in your lower back with Compex!

If you are suffering from low back pain, you are definitely not alone! Today it is the most frequently encountered pain and the number even grows each day. The reason is that the low back region is under constant and particular strain. In a standing position, the entire weight of the trunk is concentrated on the joints between the last vertebrae and the sacrum. The discs between the vertebrae are therefore crushed, making the low back muscles feel contractured and painful.

At Compex, we have therefore designed a specific programme, the ‘Compex Low back pain programme,’ that shows substantial improvement of your low back pain and can even resolve the problem if it is essentially a muscular problem.

If you follow the programme on a daily basis two to three weeks, you should feel significant improvements and less pain. For optimal results, try to do 2 sessions per day, separated by at least 10 minutes rest.

You can find the programme under ‘Pain Relief’ on your Compex mi-SPORT, Performance mi-READY, mi-FITNESS and Vitality. Athletes using the Compex Runner can access the Low Pack Pain programme under pain relief. If you have an Energy mi-READY, a FIT, you can use the Chronic Pain/ Endorphinic programme (under Health).

Want to read more about lower back pains & Compex? Here’s a link to the specific pages on the Compex Runner website.

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